About Us


Who we are

Yokogawa Marex (A division of Yokogawa United Kingdom Limited) is a specialist software solutions company developing and delivering software solutions providing valuable insights and actionable information to operate facilities effectively, efficiently and safely in a profitable and more sustainable way. Owned by a Japanese parent company Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a major global process automation company with in excess of 17,500 employees across a global network of 119 companies spanning 60 countries.

We are located close to the town centre in Cowes in the picturesque Isle of Wight and within 10 minutes walking distance of ferry and foot passenger links to Southampton. We currently employ more than forty Island-based staff at our offices that overlook the river medina.

What we do

Yokogawa Marex develops innovative software and IT solutions for process data management in production facilities. We now boast a successful suite of more than 30 software products which have been deployed in vast quantities around the world. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly working with organisations to create new products and developments to meet our customers’ needs.

Our software solutions cover:         


How we work

Yokogawa Marex plays an integral part in the global initiative to expand Yokogawa’s solution portfolio by growing and enhancing its products as well as strengthening the value proposition to address production safety, optimising operator empowerment and operations. We are an efficient and agile organisation that is able to react and adapt quickly to customer requirements, industry and technical trends globally. 

Yokogawa Marex has a tradition for bringing new products and services to the market in a very short period of time, maximising market opportunity and generating revenue for Yokogawa offices across the world.

  • Over 95% of our revenues are generated from overseas markets
  • A sustainable international business through continued growth year-on-year
  • Utilizing established international sales channels to provide global access to our products

Business Standards 

Yokogawa Marex is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation with a quality management system. We are committed to continuous improvement and sustainable business performance to fulfil our business objectives to deliver quality products, services and solutions that build customer trust and satisfaction.