Exaquantum Data Historian

Exaquantum is one of the most comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries. Exaquantum is Yokogawa’s plant historian, providing a central database from which information can be extracted and presented to users throughout the organisation, enabling them to achieve safe, reliable and optimal plant operations.

Exaquantum acquires data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information that enables the smooth running and optimization of process operations.

Exaquantum solutions enable continuous improvements in production environments to provide agility and flexibility, asset optimisation, quality improvements, whilst ensuring safe and secure operations.  It seamlessly integrates and aligns with Yokogawa and third party DCSs, safety systems, SCADA systems and PLCs.

Exaquantum is the business intelligent gateway between the operational Process Control System (PCS) and the business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It uses the latest, proven, Microsoft based open technology sets, designed to have low administration costs, and be robust to future IT trends such as Big Data, IIoT and cloud deployment.

Exaquantum R3.30 is now available. 


Exaquantum in the Cloud - White Paper

The demand for Cloud-based installations in the process industry is growing. Exaquantum, Yokogawa’s plant historian, provides a platform for transforming process data into valuable business information. Expanding its reach with cloud deployment, on-premise or using a combination of both, Exaquantum powers improvements at every level across the enterprise.



Exaquantum Videos



Graphics Conversion from Centum VP to Exaquantum
A concise step-by-step guide on how to import CENTUM VP graphics into Exaquantum ExplorerPart 1
Part 2


Introduction to Calculations 
Learn about tags and calculations which can be performed in Exaquantum, including advanced calculations.Part 1
Part 2 

Introduction to Web Trends  
A basic introduction to the Exaquantum Web Trends, covering different features of the tool. Watch Video 

Troubleshooting OPC  
A step-by-step guide on troubleshooting an OPC DA connection using a variety of useful tools in ExaquantumWatch Video

Configure IIS for Exaquantum Web 
An introductory guide on how to install IIS by adding the Web Server Role to Windows 2008 R2. Watch Video

Getting Registry Information from OPC Servers 
How to capture registry information from an OPC Server so that it can be registered in Windows on another machine. Watch Video 


To find out more information on the Exaquantum Data Historian, please visit our corporate site.