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Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of systems and processes. Its purpose is to reduce risk and to ensure that process plants are operating within tolerable limits for humans, environment, assets and production continuity.

It requires significant investment, in that many smart subject matter experts come together to analyse risk and design safety systems with very complicated math to ensure the ongoing risk at a plant is deemed tolerable. Assumptions are made to optimize solutions based on process.

The challenge becomes determining if my real-time operating data supports the analysis, design, and assumptions used up front. What happens when something changes? What happens when any of the initial assumptions just aren’t accurate ? What happens when there is new risk that is not consider initially that occurs during plant operation?

Yokogawa’s Safety Function Monitoring (SFM) quickly identifies assumptions that fail to meet design targets, pinpoints the additional risk that was previously invisible, and empowers you to take action to eliminate risk from the business. It also facilitate the recording of new risk during plant operation.

SFM is the final piece within the lifecycle that protects your investment by keeping your risk profile aligned with what good looks like as defined by the subject matter experts.


Exaquantum/SFM R3.35 Released (September 2021)

SFM R3.35 provides continuous monitoring and evaluation of safety data to highlight deviations or failures in safety system performance and supports IEC 61511 standards with several new features including:

Cause and Effect matrix to quickly verify the logic of SIF activations and Final Elements (valves, vents, actuators, etc.) actuations to see if they match their configured or intended safety design

Enhanced proof testing by claiming proof test credit based on actual demand on the SIS during operation for SIF activations and Final Element actuations, with the functionality to record when proof tests have taken place and to monitor expiry dates of proof tests.

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Safety Function Monitoring Brochure

Exaquantum Safety Function Monitoring (SFM) software provides continuous monitoring and evaluation of operational safety data to highlight deviations or deficiencies in safety system design and optimize performance.

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Monitoring & Improving Safety Performance

Download our article to find out how software solutions help manage and oversee the operational safety performance of process plants.

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Safety Management Solutions


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