Read about projects and cases where Yokogawa Marex has helped our customers in a variety of industries address specific challenges and achieve their goals.

SFM Deployment Achieves Significant Man-Hour Savings and streamlines SIF Performance Monitoring

Release: July 2023

SFM delivers third-party support creating more value with less effort to monitor your SIS

Release: January 2023

SER's enhanced user interface for ProSafe-RS helps to secure major refinery 

Release: June 2022

AutoTrend delivers significant improvements to daily operations  

Release: January 2022

Centralised alarm management solution to improve operability 

Release: November 2020

*Project Update* Providing a communication path to align manufacturing operations

Release: March 2020

Don't get driven to distraction by nuisance alarms  

Release: June 2019

Take the pain out of Batch compliance 

Release: October 2018

Aligning operations with the business process

Release: September 2018

Improved protection against pressurization of safety devices 

Release: March 2018

Increased reliability of Batch data collection 

Release: March 2018

Dynamic interlock visualization 

Release: February 2018

Remote monitoring of high volume data at a large offshore installation

Release: January 2018

Transform data into decisions with automated alarm reports

Release: October 2017

Is valve degradation your early warning indicator of subsea safety risks?  

Release: October 2017

HIPPS activation reports to help identify valve travel times 

Release: August 2017

The sky's the limit with ten sites controlled in the cloud 

Release: July 2017

Is your safety system performing as designed, and can you prove it?

Release: July 2017

Is downtime your silent production killer? 

Release: May 2017