Yokogawa Marex Company History

1966 - Marine Exploration Limited was founded in 1966, often referred to as Marex (Marine Exploration) which is still used today.
Marex specialised in Metocean statistical data analysis and reporting. The team used buoys to monitor wave and weather conditions. This data was then interpreted by oceanographers who would use the data to make long-term sea state forecasts for companies building oil-rigs.

1985 - Marex moved skills into Industrial markets.

1986 - MACE product launched. 

1987 - Marex joins Westland Group.
Westland Aerospace, a subsidiary of Westland Group, acquired a 65% stake in Marex Technology, which specialised in supervisory control and data acquisition systems for the off-shore and industrial process control industries.

1989 - PROMACE product based on UNIX launched.
PROMACE was regarded as one of the first process historian systems in the world and was compatible with UNIX which was an operating system. 

1994 - Marex expands, opening an office in the Middle East.

1996 - Marex continues expansion, opening an office in the Asia Pacific region.

1997 - Marex Technology acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
During the nineties, Marex had formed a good relationship with Yokogawa and saw Marex to be a good acquisition to complement their business. Yokogawa bought Marex in 1997 for their expertise and people and the company name was changed to Yokogawa Marex (YMX).

2000 - Exaquantum R1.0 launched (May).
Yokogawa commissioned Yokogawa Marex (YMX) to build a new ground-up product called Exaquantum, taking forward the foundations laid with PROMACE. Exaquantum is Yokogawa Marex's flagship product.  

2001 - Exaquantum R1.10 launched (November).

2003 - Exaquantum/Batch launched.
Data historian for batch process to meet customer needs in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

2005 - Yokogawa Marex chosen to be Yokogawa Global MES Centre of Excellence.

2005 - 500th Exaquantum licence sold.

2007 - Cenibra of Brazil Reports annual savings of $2m with help from Exaquantum. 

2008 - Yokogawa Marex becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
Yokogawa Marex establishes a close working relationship with Microsoft and can provide Microsoft-IT services and products to other businesses or clients among other things.

2008 - 1,000th Exaquantum Licence sold. 

2009 -Exaquantum installed at Tianjin Petrochemical 'super-plant'.
SINOPEC SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (SSTPC), a 50/50 joint venture between Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), has constructed a huge, integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in Tianjin, China. Exaquantum is installed for monitoring plant efficiency to prevent major problems that can lead to plant shut downs. 

2013 - 2,000th Exaquantum Software Licence was issued in April. 

2014 - Yokogawa Marex wins International Business award at IOW Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2014.

2015 - Release Exaquantum R3.01 Supercharged Edition with High performance, increased scalability, enhanced user experience, tablet support and powerful engineering tools.

2016 - On October 1st, Yokogawa Marex (YMX) officially became part of Yokogawa United Kingdom (YEF-GB). 
A ceremony was held to celebrate this occasion, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Marex organization, and to mark the start of a new chapter in the company’s history as part of YEF-GB and the new and innovative Global Information Solutions Centre (GISC) Team.

2017 - Yokogawa Marex wins Manufacturing and Technology award at IOW Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2017. 

2018 - Yokogawa Marex wins International Business and Business of the Year at IOW Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2018. 

2019 - Yokogawa Marex celebrates sale of 3000th Exaquantum Software Licence.

2020 -  Yokogawa's Plant Information Management System, Exaquantum, Turns 20

2023 - Yokogawa Marex wins Training and Development Award at IOW Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2023.