Exaquantum/Batch Data Historian



Exaquantum/Batch is a scalable ISA-88 Batch Information System. It generates verified analysis and reporting facilities that collects, stores and displays current and historical data from batch production, equipment and recipe viewpoints. 

It provides easy access to batch information that supports production planning, decision making, scheduling, analysis, process and quality improvements. Exaquantum/Batch improves overall production efficiency and plant utilisation, allowing total visibility of all relevant information for key stakeholders.  


Exaquantum/Batch is a valuable tool in batch-orientated industries allowing users to focus on key process performance indicators (KPIs). It provides a web browser based analysis and reporting user interface to deliver batch-based information in support of process improvement initiatives.


Out-of-the-box Integration

Forms and effective partnership with CENTUM VP and CENTUM CS 3000 for Batch control systems, without complex engineering and database configuration.


Data Analysis

Captures Batch/Control recipe data, with automatic charting of batch cycle times and unit utilization that allows for batch comparisons.


Powerful Reporting

A reliable and secure report package for managing batch history and master recipe data that conforms to regulatory requirements.


21 CFR Part 11 Environment 

Designed to provide FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance through the use of electronic records and signatures that conform to regulations.



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