Yokogawa's Plant Information Management System, Exaquantum, Turns 20!

Exaquantum is one of the most comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries and was first installed in May 2000.
With Yokogawa’s acquisition of Marex Technology Limited in August 1997 (changing its name to Yokogawa Marex Technology Limited) it was tasked with developing a brand-new solution based on Microsoft Windows technology and a formative flagship product PROMACE.
The research and development team grew exponentially with development engineers taking up residence on the Isle of Wight all the way from Japan and India. This collaboration lead to the much-awaited first release of Exaquantum 20 years ago in May 2000.
Since then, Exaquantum has evolved, transforming into one of the most comprehensive plant information management systems available for process industries. With over 3,000 Exaquantum licenses sold around the world and installed in over nine different industries, organisations are able to re-take control of their operational data with clearer information visibility to make smarter decisions and improve plant efficiencies.


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